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Responsive Design for mCommerce Success

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Boost Your Business with Responsive Design Services

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more ubiquitous, making it imperative for businesses to be able to adapt their content for different devices. This adaptability ensures that eCommerce websites are just as accessible to customers browsing on their phones as they are to customers on their computers. While many websites have a mobile version, responsive web designers go a step further by creating a single website that can automatically adjust to multiple devices, ranging in size and capability.

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design largely helps to preserve the aesthetics of a website while adjusting for different-sized screens and diverse technologies, such as touch screens and mobile payments. This form of mobility design deals in proportions, not absolute measurements. For instance, rather than specifying that a block of text be a set number of pixels wide, responsive web design tells that block of text to take up a certain percentage of the page, or to be a certain size in proportion to the header image. While this process is more complex for a mobile application development company to code, the result is a website that adapts natively to various devices and screen sizes.


In addition to visual appeal and usability, responsive web design helps to make a website more attractive to search engines, such as Google or Bing. Search engines now index mobile and responsive websites in new and more precise ways. This allows a responsive website the opportunity to appear higher in search results, particularly when customers are searching from phones and tablets.

Responsive Web Design at a Glance

Responsive web design accounts for the strengths of different devices when it chooses how to display your content. Pictures have the biggest impact on the small screen of a Smartphone, so a responsive website will assign most space to photos when it detects that it is being viewed on a phone. On a tablet, the same content might display with smaller pictures and more text, while on a desktop, that same content might display a header image above text blocks and sidebars. Touch screen elements are also crucial, taking advantage of natural gestures on Smartphones and tablets to facilitate buying products on the go. The aim of a responsive website is always to display your content to its best effect and to make buying your product a natural action on whichever device is displaying the content.

How does Responsive Web Design Help eCommerce?

The on demand economy is disrupting almost every aspect of modern business, and even small businesses need to take part to stay competitive. A responsive website or mobile app puts your business literally at the fingertips of your customers, anytime and anywhere.


mCommerce has soared its way to being a multi-billion dollar industry in just a few years, and that’s all thanks to the convenience of Smartphones and responsive mobile browsing. Contact us today for a quote, or to find out how a responsive website can help you with your mCommerce development and mobile reach!

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