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What is Nicklpay and It’s Benefits

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What is Nickl?

Nickl is platform with the ability to solve all inquiries in regard to financial concerns as well as direct payments from clients to businesses.


Far too often, businesses have major concerns regarding security as well as the transparency of companies that offer payment solutions and operations. But with Nickl, business can connect with their important clients without the hassle of having to worry about finding a structure that fits within their own needs.


Rather than the business having to concern themselves with multi-platform integration, Nickl takes that work from the hands of the business owners and embraces it as their own. Instead of juggling different transactions, which can be difficult, overwhelming, as well as an overall hassle, Nickl has the ability to simplify the entire situation by incorporating a well-thought-out strategy in order to mitigate any and all finance issues as well as integrate a structure that will minimize challenges and difficulties.


The main takeaway from the Nickl model is that it uses an OmniCommerce platform, which assists the business owner in providing them with tools and features. Nickl will help them navigate through all of the typical complications of a platform and online business. The integration of eCommerce and ERP is assisted by giving the control back to the business owner while Nickl assists in conceptualizing and delivering a secure business model that will save the business owner stressful experiences, time, and frustration.


It is very important that the business owner feels that their revenue is being protected and is secure, which is why Nickl offers a simple and very transparent business model that is innovative and modern. 

Which businesses can use Nickl?

Whether your business is related to eCommerce, ERP, or POS, Nickl has diversified its methods and is able to assist within a very wide area of concerns.


For example, when it comes to eCommerce solutions, Nickl offers unlimited product features as well as categories, and eCommerce business owners may also find it to be extremely useful that Nickl does assist with multi-currency – which is an extremely interesting as well as an innovative feature.


While the Nickl business model assists many wonderful businesses with their needs, it is always best that the business has very clear goals that can be readily defined and detailed. Another feature for eCommerce has to do with accrued gift cards as well as loyalty points, which is absolutely going to entice customers as these rewards them for their loyalty to the company.


Finally, with eCommerce businesses, custom sales as well as tax reporting are available to assist with some of the more confusing aspects in regard to filing each year. Accompanied with unlimited pricing lists, Nickl has the eCommerce business model under control. For a POS business, Nickl offers many different varieties and features.


The POS business model benefits from not only unlimited locations, but also unlimited staff accounts, which will make things far easier knowing that the possibilities are literally limitless. Finally, with the ERP business model, Nickl once again is prepared to tackle all of the complications as well as the inevitable difficulties that can occur. With the ERP business model, clients as well as business owners will be happy knowing that there are unlimited warehouse locations, which means that the success of the business will never be a closed situation.


Growth is something that Nickl wants to help the business achieve as success is the main goal. Along with OmniChannel management, custom inventory reporting is also available as this will simplify concerns about resource management.


In short, Nickl is very prepared to assist you in accomplishing your goals!

The benefits of using Nickl

Safety and security are often very important to clients and businesses alike, which is completely understandable and is a common concern. Therefore, Nickl has created strategic models that will assist in solutions that will not only benefit the business but will benefit the client as well.


Nickl is prepared to and wants to help business owners achieve the goals that they have set out for themselves and to accomplish those goals with ease. Nickl can offer your business control as well as empowerment to make you feel secure that they are working right alongside you and are helping you along the way with resolving all of your important concerns.


Compared to many other competitors, Nickl offers aspects and features like a curated catalog as well as coupons and promotions, and unlimited accounts with an integrated loyalty program, which cannot be found with companies like Square, Clover, or Shopify. The importance of Nickl is that it understands the need for growth as well as the crucial importance of the growing relationship between the client as well as the business. Nickl is able to adapt to you as well as to your business and can offer a solution that is tailored just for you.

Nickl is backed by Sigma Solve.

Sigma Solve has over 15 years of experience in assisting businesses reaching their planned goals. Having a diverse resume, Sigma Solve has been very fortunate to work with small businesses, large corporations, government associations, and also some of the most leading companies in the business world.


Serving twelve different global locations, not only does Sigma Solve have an over 90% client retention rate, they also work by implementing their own practices, which can help businesses increase important business revenue by integrating ERP, Point-of-sale, and eCommerce into one dynamic and flexible plan with the assistance of Nicklpay.


By working with Sigma Solve, you can be confident that value and consistency will create very lasting results.


With the importance of keeping the business owner ahead of the other competition that is currently on the market, it is the goal of Sigma Solve to not only create a better and much more modern customer experience, but to also help the organizations reach their goals related to business practices.


Employing more than 200 software developers, Sigma Solve is confident in the fact that based on customer feedback and responses in the past that the implemented model is one that completely understands and takes into consideration the intricate details of building digitization and a digital infrastructure. 

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